I have always been fascinated by what seems to exist beyond our awareness. This curiosity and search for something I could not put words on, has directed much of my life.

My travels and different conscious practices have helped me to open myself up to new realities. I understood that those realities depends on parameters that are out of our reach. Nothing is fixed; everything around us is constantly evolving.

On all existing levels we can witness an endless succession of mournings and rebirths.This cycle creates life.

Therefore, it is from this ability to adapt to "what is" without losing our own self that depends our well being. It requires letting go, and acceptance: A lifetime lesson....

I decided to dedicate myself to the knowledge of the self: Our anchor; the one we can get back to and feel at home despites the incessant change.

Thus, beyond our circumstances, my goal is to accompany people to strengthen their chore self to face the waves of life with serenity.



After years of studying business and hospitality, I discovered Ayurveda and yoga on my first trip to India in 2014. These practices ended up creating such a turning point in my life that from that point on I became fascinated with the links between the body and the mind. The practical application of different techniques of consciousness helped me understand that if I can't modify my environment, I can change my perception and my reactions to my environment.

2016: Ayurvedic practitioner and massage therapist

Dr. Siby's Ayurveda, Daramkot, India


2016: 200h Yoga teacher training 

Trimurti, Daramkot, India


2016: Reiki practitioner level 1

Mio Shinohara, Daramkot, India

2016-2018: Healthy chef and nutritional therapist in Switzerland and London



The Power Yoga company, London

2018: Therapist in Numen Process

Dr. Stéphane Leroy


2018-2020: Practitioner in naturopathy and psycho emotional health

CNR school of Rochefort


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