Intégrative therapy & shadow work

Our feelings and emotions act as an internal guiding system in our life. They give us information about the relationship that we maintain with our external environnement.

During our cognitive development, we build patterns through the filter of how we perceive our environnement. Therefore, we censure, validate, adapt, etc... This creates our ego or personality. 

However, as we grow older, those patterns become obsolete and start deserving us. They prevent us from expanding by keeping us in repetitions or in contexts that no longer work for us. We can see them like protectors created once by our consciousness in a situation where they would serve a purpose.

In emotional awareness we visit those mechanisms/protectors in order to understand why and how they took place. Once this integration done, we can consciously choose a different "program" better aligned with our current needs.

A session lasts about 2 hours and uses visualisation techniques as well as simulation exercises. 


Session (2h): 80euros

Packages :

Natural health coaching and integrative therapy :

From 200euros (contact me for more information)

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