Natural health and well being practitioner

Nutrition and well being are two essential pillars of health.

In natural health, we will consider several aspects:

- Our  terrain, which involves our natural strengths, weaknesses and heredity

- Our current lifestyle

- Our eating habits

- Our level of fitness

- Our previous and actual illnesses

- Our relationship with food

All those questions will enable us to orientate our approach to take into consideration the unique physiology of an individual.

Indeed, today, we are bombarded with information about nutrition and well being and it's often hard to identify what truly works for us.

The natural health approach is a holistic system, therefore we take into consideration the physical body but also the mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

I'm particularly sensitive to our relationship with food therefore I'm specilized with food addictions and compulsive behaviors towards food. 


First session (2h): 70euros

Following sessions (1h): 50 euros

Packages :

Natural health coaching and integrative therapy :

From 200euros (contact me for more information

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