Relaxing and rebalancing massage

Trained in Ayurveda, Reiki and Craneosacral, I use a combination of those techniques to rebalance the whole body, facilitate grounding and release tensions.

By stimulating the nadis, the energetic channels, the massage allows the vital energy to flow freely in the body. The massage goes at a moderate, fluid pace and involved multiple types of touches (pressure, tapping, sliding, stretching...), which brings relaxation and harmony  to the whole body. 

It also helps to temper our emotions and promotes concentration.

If wished by consultant, I finish the massage with a craneosacral massage allowing the body to access a deep stage of relaxation. This technique uses micro movements to alleviate tensions in the skull, neck and shoulders.

On the physiological aspects, it has numerous benefits: Reinforcement of the immune system, improvement of breathing and blood circulation, elimination of the toxins, flexibility of the joins and reinforcement of muscular tone. 

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