Numen Process

Numen Process is a technique developed by Dr. Stéphane Leroy. Inspired by his researches and observations in Shamanism, Buddhism, ancestral medicines but also the latest discoveries in quantum physics, Dr. Leroy has developed a technique to free our blockages through the feel of the real cause of our illnesses. 


The protocol is based on being the closest to the true cause of our blocages and through feeling it in our whole body.

This is made possible by the practitioner who invites the consultant to enter in a state of optimal presence that allows him to enter in resonance with the chosen topic. Following the session, the consultant will be invited to be attentive to his environment and his feelings.

2 or 3 weeks later, a second short appointment (included in the session) will be set to talk about the feedback.


Here is a video of Dr. Leroy explaining this technique (click on the image below)

Screen Shot 2019-01-12 at 20.37.51.png


ঔ 1h : 40Euros

First session : 30Euros

Possibility to come to the consultant's home

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